New Business Connect Plans from Vodafone!

On our new Business Connect Plans you can stay close to your colleagues the way you want. Business Connect Plans give maximum flexibility with no restrictions.

With Business Connect plans, we’re introducing Flex, a new and simpler way to make calls or use data the way you want. Every Business Connect Plan gives you Flex which you can use your way to either make local or international calls, send local or international SMS, or use data.

Flex are a set of units which give you the flexibility to consume them the way you want. Meaning, if you want more data, simply use more Flex for data and less for calls.

Business Connect Plans


Endless Possibilities to Use my Business Connect plan

There are endless possibilities on how you can use your Flex. Use this tool to see how you can get the most out of the Flex in your chosen Business Connect Plan. Start by selecting your plan and then use the slides to find your perfect mix of Calls and Data.

For just QR you'll get a total of flex

Local Calls
Used Flex:
Available Flex:

Business Connect Plans give you Great Benefits

In addition to the flexibility that you get with the new Business Connect Plans, you get so much more to use it your way for your personal or company needs.

Free calls within the account

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Carry Forward Flex

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How to check your balance

You can check your Flex balance at any time through the My Vodafone App which is available for Android and iOS devices. Download it today from My Vodafone App. You can also check your Flex balance by dialing *130#.

Take control of your out of bundle costs

With Vodafone, you don't have to worry about your monthly bill. By setting your Spend Limit, you set your maximum monthly bill, keeping you always in control of your out of bundle costs. To set your Spend Limit, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

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