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  • 1. What is Vodafone4G+?

    Vodafone 4G+ is also known as LTE-Advanced, CAT6, and Carrier Aggregation. 4G+ simply combines different 4G frequencies into a single connection to 4G+ capable devices. This theoretically offers double the speed of a single 4G connection and gives the end user a remarkable boost in speed.

  • 2. How do I activate Vodafone 4G/4G+?

    Vodafone 4G and 4G+ is automatically activated for all Vodafone customers with a 4G/4G+ enabled Device. Simply make sure that you have a 4G enabled or 4G+ Smart Device and that the correct network settings are selected on your device. In addition, it is always best to have the latest software for your device to ensure compatibility. To find out how to enable 4G on your device, please visit http://www.vodafone.qa/en/4g/support

  • 3. I’m a Vodafone Business customer. Can I use Vodafone 4G or 4G+?

    Yes! Access to 4G is available to all Vodafone customers with a 4G enabled Smart Device

  • 4. How much does Vodafone 4G/4G+ cost?

    Access to Vodafone 4G/4G+ is free! All Vodafone customers are automatically activated on 4G. The data that you consume through the 4G Network will come out of your Data Allowance or you will be charged per QR 10 per MB for out of plan usage.

  • 5. How do I know if 4G or 4G+ is available for my Smart Device?

    Currently, as 4G and 4G+ are still new technology, not all devices have this capability. To find out if your Smart Device is 4G/4G+ enabled, please visit our list of devices here. Please note that some 4G/4G+ enabled devices purchased from non-authorized partners or from outside of Qatar may not be compatible with Vodafone 4G/4G+ network. Vodafone cannot assume responsibility for this. In specific, devices purchases from the US will not work on Vodafone 4G network.

  • 6. Where is 4G+ available?

    Vodafone 4G and 4G+ is available throughout the majority of Doha. Take a look at our 4G coverage map here www.vodafone.qa/4g/support and our 4G+ coverage map here www.vodafone.qa/4gplus/support or visit one of our retail stores.

  • 7. When will I get Vodafone 4G in my area?

    We are currently working on bringing 4G and 4G+ to all Qatar. For the latest information on our area coverage, please take a look at our 4G coverage map here www.vodafone.qa/4g/support and our 4G+ coverage map here www.vodafone.qa/4gplus/support

  • 8. What happens when I leave a 4G or 4G+ area?

    Whenever you exit a 4G+ or 4G covered area, your phone will automatically switch to the next available network that offers the best experience i.e. from 4G+ to 4G, from 4G to 3G.

  • 9. What speeds do I get with Vodafone 4G and 4G+?

    For 4G on average, the speed you can expect to receive is between 15-20 Mbps and for 4G+ on average, the speed you can expect is 30-40 Mbps depending on the coverage in your area and how close you are to a cell tower. It is not unusual to achieve speeds higher than this in areas with good coverage. 4G+ will only enable higher download speeds, upload will not be affected It is important to note, that these are the speeds you will receive in outdoor areas. As different buildings are made of different materials, we cannot guarantee the same results indoors.

  • 10. Can I use Vodafone 4G while roaming?

    Yes you can, for more information on Vodafone 4G roaming, please visit http://www.vodafone.qa/en/roaming4g

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