Banner 4G+ family
Banner 4G+ family

You get an ALL-NEW network rebuilt from the ground up

We replaced all of our cell sites - not just upgraded or modernized - but completely rebuilt them with the latest technology to give you faster speed and better coverage on 4G+.

25 4G indoor sites

42 new indoor sites

134 new outdoor sites

290 4G outdoor sites

Banner 4G+ Money Back
Banner 4G+ Money Back

More 3G. More 4G. More everything.

3G Coverage 20%

More coverage

4G Coverage 4X

More coverage

3G Capacity
4G Capacity
4G+ Capacity

more data capacity on

You're covered from downtown to the desert

New cell sites means better coverage in:

Al Wakrah

You'll feel the difference everywhere you go

Speeds so fast, you're ready for the future

Buy the latest 4G+ handsets
Standard 4G Handset Image

112 MBPS

On standard 4G handsets

4G+ Handset Image

187 MBPS

On 4G+ handsets

Next-Gen Handset Image

375 MBPS

On Next-Gen handsets